Small ≠ Spiritual // Summer Break! (Podcast)

From the beginning of church history, we’ve seen that churches vary in size from community to community. Some are comprised of thousands of people, while others may consist of 10. Among the variations, there have been a variety of questions that come along with church size. How big is too big? How small is too small? In this conversation, we discuss how church health isn’t indicated by mere growth in numbers, but rather by the spiritual growth within individuals and communities.

Also wanted to let you know that this episode concludes this season of the podcast. We'll take a break for the summer and then come back for the fall. We're looking forward to bringing you some new content then. Thanks for tuning in!

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Experience Contentment Within The Boundaries God Has Drawn (Podcast)

Do you remember the last time you questioned a big life decision? Did someone tell you, "You do you." or "Just do what feels right."? Maybe in the moment you felt like that was some encouraging advice, but if you've followed that line of thinking to the end then you know how it ends. It seems that whenever we give ourselves the freedom to draw our own boundaries, we gravitate towards decisions that will hurt in the future. So then what are good boundaries? What kind of boundaries does God advocate for? In this conversation, we look to understand the way of God and even more than that, how we can find contentment within God's way.

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21 Questions To Help You Sift Through An Online Date’s Christianity (Podcast)

As you already know, we live in a time when we are more connected than ever before. People all around the world are connecting through the internet and with that, people are developing new relationships online - more specifically, dating relationships. As apps become more intuitive, as phones become more integrated into our lives, and as we txt more than we talk, a Christian has to ask the questions: Is online dating ok for a Christian? If so, what is the best way to build a relationship online? How could I pursue online dating in a way that glorifies God? In this conversation, we think this through by asking some questions and by laying down some relational building blocks that every Christian should consider.

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United To One Another — What We Are (Ephesians 2.19-22)

Paul has previously demonstrated how the Gentile world was outside God’s program, looking in on what He was doing with Israel. The promises and covenants and hope attached to the Messiah was not the world’s, but Israel’s, and to get that hope one had to look to the light found in Israel. Unfortunately, that light was often dimmed by Israel’s sin. But now the true light has come. Christ has, by His blood, made the way for all to find access to God by the Spirit. He has destroyed the wall of hostility between Jew and Gentile. He has made a new humanity in His church. So, after this radical work of Christ, what are we now?

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When The Bees Of Discouragement Swarm (Podcast)

Have you ever felt discouraged? Maybe you’re like us and you’ve felt before like fears and doubts are swarming around your head like a swarm of bees. Maybe even right now you’re feeling like the swarm is closing in on you. Wherever you’re at, we want to remind you that God is with you and he wants to comfort and guide you through the discouragement. In this conversation, we take some time to see how God is with us and for us through the discouraging times in our lives.

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