Something To Believe In (Podcast)

In our current day and age, it’s easier now than ever to isolate ourselves from the people around us. We may be more connected to the world, but we may feel just as empty and lonely. This is why community is so vital for the life of a Christian. In this conversation, we talk about about some ways to overcome selfishness so that we can be a real contribution to the people in our lives.

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Joshua's Little Spoken Of Preparation (Podcast)

It is easy to think God shoves His people into the deep end without any training or preparation. He does, after all, use the weak things of the world to put to shame the mighty, the foolish to confound the wise. But even in the moments when God takes us way outside our comfort zone, we know that He also prepares us for that moment. Joshua is one such figure God prepared in advance. It is easy to think he was unprepared for the task, but God had privately prepared him to lead the people of Israel.

In this conversation, we talk about the development of Joshua as a leader.

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