If you are a believer, if you belong to Jesus’ church, I want to help you. Years ago I gave myself to the study of God’s word for the betterment of the everyday believer. You want to know God. You know He is found in His word and gospel. Jesus snatched me out of my sin and rebellion in 1996. I remember those first days when I encountered the depth and difficulty of the Bible. It is still amazing to me. This is what I want to teach. I love the Bible and want to make it known. I hope I am able to help you on this journey.

If you are a man, I want to help you. I have discovered, to a degree, the difficulty and wonder of the biblical role of man, and long to help other men. In my younger years, I discovered the battle of living a single life for the glory of God. Now a husband and father, I feel the weight of these roles. I am thankful for all Christ has redeemed me from, but temptation and weakness are still very real to me. We want to be the men Christ has redeemed us to be. I love men and their great God-given potential. I hope I am able to help you on this journey.

If you are a pastor, a leader within the church Jesus shed His blood for, I want to help you. I grew up in a church planting pastor’s home, becoming a pastor myself in 2002. I have a special space in my heart for pastors. You want God to use you to the fullest. Jesus literally bled, and you figuratively bleed for the flock. I know how hard this work can be. There is a constant struggle to do this work with excellence, to pursue it with a pure heart, and to walk in wisdom. I love pastors and their tireless effort for the local church. Your work is never done. I hope I am able to help you on your journey.

I hope to be a blessing in your life. Thank you for your time; I consider it valuable. NateHoldridge.com is for you. I will see you here.

Calvary Monterey exists to see Jesus Famous. Located on California’s central coast, Calvary honors God through worship and personal devotion. We nurture believers with community and training. We proclaim to the world through acts of mercy and church planting.

I grew up in this amazing church, and have served as lead pastor since 2008. I am joined in this mission by my amazing bride, Christina, and my three daughters.