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Pastor Nate Holdridge loves Jesus and the Bible Jesus gave to the world. Since 1996, the Scripture has captivated Nate’s mind and heart, believing the entirety of the book points to the Son of God, Jesus Christ the righteous.


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a through the bible studio series


The No-Nonsense Biblical Man

Men are important. Men matter. God loves to use men. A quick survey of our Bibles and study of our world will lead us to a simple conclusion: men are capable of great good and great evil. In the hands of God, men can be wonderfully used to bless the world around them.

Dear New Dad

Many will run from this grand calling, but some will rush toward it. Dear New Dad offers help for those men by taking a brief look into the Biblical roles a man must embrace in order to become an exceptional father. The punchy chapters found within will give you perspective regarding your role as a child of God, husband, servant, leader, dad, and man, offering great hope of the massive potential within every man. Grab a notebook, have an open heart, and see what God has in store for you!



About Nate

Having grown up in the home of a pastor, at age 18 Nate began to sense a strong desire to communicate Scripture with whomever God would allow him to speak to, and he has committed himself to that responsibility ever since. As the lead pastor of Calvary Monterey, Nate loves and enjoys the privilege of publicly reading, explaining, and exhorting from God’s Word. In 2013 Nate set about the process of teaching from Genesis through Revelation in a series of studio recorded messages designed to edify and ground the body of Christ, having himself grown immensely from the recorded through-the-Bible teaching ministries of pastors such as Chuck Smith, Jon Courson, Joe Focht, Sandy Adams, Skip Heitzig, Brian Broderson, and David Guzik, to name a few.

Nate loves being a husband and father, and has been happily married to his beautiful wife, Christina, since 2002. Together they live in Monterey, California, raising and enjoying their three amazing daughters and leading within their local church. A graduate of Calvary Chapel Bible College, Nate commits his time and energy to teaching Scripture and leading Calvary Monterey, and is especially interested in the development of godly men. Nate hopes you enjoy any and every resource you might utilize here, and is especially grateful for any and every opportunity Jesus gives him to serve His church.

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Located on the beautiful central coast of California, Calvary Monterey exists to see Jesus Famous. The wonderful people of Calvary long to honor Christ, nurture believers, and proclaim to the world. Having grown up in this loving fellowship, Nate has been the lead pastor here since 2008.