Recommended Resource: Freedom

Have you ever noticed the airplane effect? In flight, without WiFi, your options decrease. Perhaps, your productivity increases.

Studies have shown that human interaction with the internet is changing the human brain. We are rewiring our circuitry, becoming a more easily distracted people. Much of this comes from the constant buzzing and pinging of our computers and phones.

I use software called Freedom. I use it on my Mac, although it is also available on iPhone and iPad. It is not available on Android.

Basically, Freedom disables internet access for an amount of time you choose. I use it almost daily.

When I open the Freedom software it asks me how many minutes I would like to be offline. I enter in the desired amount. It then shuts down the internet for that length of time. The only way to shortcut it is to restart your computer. I call it “the restart of shame.”

I spend much of my week writing, studying, and reading. For my inquisitive brain, the ability to dismantle the internet for a set period of time is helpful.

I have used Freedom for many years now, following their software through various stages of development. I choose not to have internet browsers on my phone, so this helps cut down on the distractions as well.

I know some people need the internet for specific sites while they are working. Freedom has you covered there. You can create blocks of time where the most distracting parts of the internet are disabled. The productive parts will still be accessible.

Freedom isn’t the only trick I use to aid my focus, but it is a significant one. I recommend it highly.